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About the GRE: The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardised test that measures Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills. Most Graduate Schools and Universities in the US assess the potential of the applicants based on their GRE scores for admissions to courses run by them. The GRE is offered in both Computer-based and Paper-based formats and it has the following sections.

  • Analytical Writing: One "Analyze an Issue" task and one "Analyze an Argument" task

  • Quantitative Reasoning: 2 sections (with 20 questions per section for the Computer-based GRE and 25 questions per section for the Paper-based GRE)

  • Verbal Reasoning: 2 sections (with 20 questions per section for the Computer-based GRE and 25 questions per section for the Paper-based GRE)

You cannot hope to score high in the GRE unless you are aware of the techniques for tackling the questions. At the same time, the importance of being familiar with the test content cannot be undermined.

So, how can you do well in the GRE? This is where ExamFoundation steps in!

Crack the GRE with ExamFoundation: Prepare for the GRE with us and achieve your dream of studying in the best Graduate Schools across the world. We are the leaders in GRE prep across the country and we have many offers for you:

  • Study materials with full length computerised practice tests, notes and tips to score high in the GRE, online recorded teaching videos etc.

  • Teaching Session Options:
    • An intensive 3 month course for GRE prep - Costs Rs. 18000
    • A fast track 1 month GRE Classroom Coaching Session - Costs Rs. 14000
    • Correspondence Course - Costs Rs. 6000 or 100$
    • GRE Online Coaching through FoundationLab - Rs. 8000 or 150$
    • Call us at +91 96001 10348

  • Dispel Doubts Sessions for GRE

  • Recapitulation Sessions for GRE

  • Drill and Practice Sessions with GRE Mock Tests

  • Guidance and Counseling Sessions for GRE

  • GRE Prep Forums and Discussions

  • GRE Review Sessions

  • Visa and Admission Counseling Sessions

  • Well trained and highly qualified faculty

Our Achievements: If you are preparing for the GRE with ExamFoundation, then “Sky is the Limit”! Our students have been consistently doing well in the GRE. 95 percent of our students go to the topmost Graduate Schools across the world with GRE scores in the range of 160 to 166 in the Verbal Reasoning section and 162 to 168 in the Quantitative Reasoning section. A 5-6 point score has been achieved in the Analytical Writing section by an overwhelming 96% of our students!

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Guaranteed 15-20 points Exp. Faculty
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